Just got the photos of the commissions from MangaNEXT!

First off I wanted to say that it was great to be there, All the people in the Artist Alley around us were  wonderful. Here is what mine and Shannon’s table looked like!


Wizardmon Sketchbook!


Stingmon comission!

imageSomeone liked my Mimolette cover and asked me to draw Becre in his sketchbook. 🙂


Gatomon girl Artist card!


and finally a sketchbook commission of Ffion in her old dress from my old comic Foxglove! 😀 This one made me very happy cause I haven’t drawn this dress in a while.


I love that most of my drawings were either Digimon or things from my own comics. :’) It was really a fun weekend! Now I have preparations to make for MoCCA, and also METROCON this summer!