What the Hoot? A new mini comic!

Hey guys! I’m happy to announce that I will indeed have that owl mini comic I was working on the past few weeks. It’s going to be called What the Hoot? I will be premiering it at this year’s SPX in Bethesda Maryland! I’ll be at table I7 so please do stop by!

For now here is a little panel from the comic!


Pre SPX update!

Hey all! I Finished the cover for Run Lil Jared 8: rest and I’m getting ready to show it off at SPX this year!

It will have the entirety of Chapter 8 and hopefully a little bit of bonus art!


MangaNEXT art!

Just got the photos of the commissions from MangaNEXT!

First off I wanted to say that it was great to be there, All the people in the Artist Alley around us were¬† wonderful. Here is what mine and Shannon’s table looked like!


Wizardmon Sketchbook!


Stingmon comission!

imageSomeone liked my Mimolette cover and asked me to draw Becre in his sketchbook. :)


Gatomon girl Artist card!


and finally a sketchbook commission of Ffion in her old dress from my old comic Foxglove! :D This one made me very happy cause I haven’t drawn this dress in a while.


I love that most of my drawings were either Digimon or things from my own comics. :’) It was really a fun weekend! Now I have preparations to make for MoCCA, and also METROCON this summer!

Sally Colored!

If anyone remembers the Nightmare Before Christmas sketches I did from last November (don’t remember if I posted them here or not) I did a drawing of Sally!


I got a bunch of Marker refills in the mail, and tried out the Copic airbrush. I’m probably not going to invest in an airbrush at this time, but one thing I WILL invest in is more frisket paper. It made the background alot easier to do since I can mask out the characters.


I’m really loving my markers way more then digital coloring right now. What makes it better is that this was inked digitally, printed on bristol and colored by hand. I liked mostly because the sketch was done much smaller, but since I scanned it as 600 dpi, so I COULD print it as a bigger size. I also love the cleanness, and not having to worry about a stray pencil line.

I hope to do more marker drawings like this soon, It was really fun to do!

Hourly comics!

Hey so I did a bunch of posts on Tumblr for hourly comics.


The Book!






There’s one last section I’ll post soonish.