Ranna Summer
July 31st, 2015

Ranna Summer

And another Summer themed picture.

Ranna in a summer dress. : )

I’m sorry for the delay in pages and getting the next chapter started. I may end up doing another summer picture for next week. (Unless you guys would rather see the card deck things I was working on the past couple months)

Shout out in comments who’d you like to see in summer wear and I’ll make it happen!

Again thank you guys who read my comic and making it apart of your webcomic reading list. Also further thank you to those who tell their friends about Run Lil Jared. It makes me very happy that you guys enjoy reading my comics. : )

Run Lil Jared book 1 for sale here!


Run Lil Jared: Book 1

Now available on both  Store Envy and my Etsy store!

Books come with an artist card sketch and 2 free buttons.

If you purchase a book and you would like a request for your sketch card please email me at Rasbutain@gmail.com with your order number/ confirmation.

Happy almost-October everyone! :)

Run Lil Jared books!

Yay! It’s finally here!


I just got the final proof for the Run Lil Jared book!
It turned out so pretty! I’m so excited, it’s my first big book! It is 192 pages, softcover with a little extra character art and some bonus art done by myself and friends. : )

I will have the books for sale at Small press expo the weekend of September 13th! Afterwords I will be putting them online on my Store envy and perhaps an Etsy store.

I’ll put additional details about other things I’ll have this year at SPX this year. I will be at table C11 with my friend Brendan Colgan!

Almost Halloween!


Little Halloween-inspired Samone picture! Almost Halloween time Everyone!

Happy Holidays!


I hope everyone has a happy holiday and an awesome new year!


Hi there! since my store is now up I’d like to tell you all that I’ll be offering commissions as well as charm commissions!

Prices are as follows:


$10 per chibi
-Digitally colored
-high resolution file
-You get mailed a 1.5 inch charm of your commission. Here is a sample of what charms look like!
-Charms are printed on shrink film and come with either a necklace, phone charm or keyring. While supplies last.

I also do full body characters and more Illustration stuff!



$20 per character
-Colored with copic markers or digitally colored.
-Traditionally colored commissions will be mailed.
-Digitally colored will receive a high resolution file.


Artist Trading Cards for $5 each!

-Each 2.5 by 3.5 inch card is mailed out to you, or someone you choose!

All payments will be accepted through paypal.

If you are interested please email me at Rasbutain@gmail.com and we can get started :)