New story starts today guys!

Oh and because I haven’t done one in a while I put up a new incentive on top webcomics!
I bought a new brush recently and I decided to test it out! I also used it for some of this weeks page.
I normally use a size 2 brush for inking characters and do backgrounds/ details everything else with markers, but I decided to try using more brush work, because I want to get better (and faster) using them. So I picked up a size 0 and so far its working out pretty nicely.

Also this story is color! Well limited colors. I hope you guys like pastels! Haha XD

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Emma says:

    “Who <3s books? It's obvious"… LOL

  2. Kurobara says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like “Rasfu” likes to mess with Jared more than anyone else?

  3. Bablet16 says:

    Kuro, Its not just you. Its a giraff, a pelican and me aswell!

  4. Eirikr says:

    Trash collection day is getting aggressive.