Yaaaay Finally a page!

Thank you guys so much for your patience.  With the conventions and freelance these past few weeks have been REALLY busy! I’m happy to say that as of now the only thing in my focus is building up the next chapter and working on finalizing pages for the Run Lil Jared book so it can be printed. I’m super excited because it will be my first time ever printing a perfect bound book.

There is still a lot to do for the book, but I should be able to have regular updates!

Thank you all also for coming to my table at both Anime Next and the Special Edition New York Comic con. I’m so happy to draw for people and I got to make some pretty wonderful pieces. The next convention I plan to be at is Small Press Expo, and *hopefully* I will have the RLJ book printed for it!

Anyway, Thank you all so much! I appreciate all the support!

Yay comics!