Awww… Roommates by default. 🙂

Happy New year everyone!!!!!

Two of my resolutions this year I think will be to make the Comicpress site as nice as possible, and to get my comic called Mimolette Finished by Mocca Fest. The comic is about a cake decorator that imagines all his coworkers as monsters (yeah, it sounds kinda blah, but I get to draw Frankenstein, and a fish monster so I’m happy!). It will be a big push for me so I really hope to be able to finish it on time so it can be printed.

Aside from that there is a huge list of things I want to do in 2010. Gonna power through this year!

Oh! P.S. Don’t forget to check the temporary site tonight for the current comic! I estimate by February 1st the site will be caught up and the Temporary site will be taken down.
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