Yeah they’re not going to help…

Quick things!!!
There is a new incentive up on TopWebcomics! its some new coloring practice, and I’d thought I’d share! šŸ˜€

Recently I’ve been working on making small Run Lil Jared tags for necklaces, Keychains, phone charms and things like that to sell at MoCCA in April. If they do well I may start selling them online along with minicomics.

I’ve done some test runs so far, and they look pretty cool so far. What I’d like to know is in addition to the ones I’m sketching now, were there any panels or characters anyone specifically would like on a tag.

This weekend I will be at SPX in Bethesda MD. I won’t have a table there but, my friends Jon and Kasey will. In addition the awesome people at Nerd Comics will be there PLUS they will also have a table at Intervention Con which is happening the same weekend. So if your going too, visit these people ok! šŸ˜€
Oh and because I will not be at a computer all weekend, I won’t be able to approve comments till waaaay late Sunday/ early Monday when I get back. Awesome! I have access to a computer anyway:D

Yamino’s Webcomic Charity project has posted thumbnails of the postcards! check it out!!! 8D