WIGSLY! Part buttons, part wig, and snorts like a pig.

Also next week is SPX and right now I’m kinda elbow deep in finishing my Womanthology comic. It’s all inked and I’m playing with the colors now. I’m also getting ready for SPX next week. I’ll be at table G1. I will have charms and the Rasbutain pirate poster, as well as comics. So if you’re in the area come say hi!


If you’re keeping up on my Twitter you kind of know what I’ve been up to this week and I’ve been reorganizing myself after the move to the new place.

In the mean time since I’ve been WANTING to post these, HERE ARE SOME of the Otakon commissions I did.


I still have a couple in my camera which is still in a box somewhere. I’ll dig it out sometime next week and post those too!