Hey guys I thought I’d tell you about my experience at New York Comic Con! (since I never really do much else for the blog)

NYCC was crazy insane this year. I almost forgot how crowded it was!

I spent the whole Friday there (well as much as I could stand since I was pretty badly dehydrated by the end of the day) and sat in on some great panels. I got to play Kirby’s epic yarn for a while before the crowd’s came in (which was so cute!) Then I went through Artist alley and ran into Tim Smith3, Savannah Zambrano, Margo Dabaie and Jean Huh and got to talk to them at their tables. Also got to talk to Chris Giarrusso and for bit.

Saturday I got my copy of Moral instruments signed by NiK, then walked around the dealers room more with my friend Jared. Near the end of the day we went to look for Sean Galloway’s table, aaaaaannnnd! I got his Artbook. AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD GUESS WHAT HE DREW IN IT!

Oh my goodness that made me so happy. That and the sweet card decks I get to add to my collection of card decks. (haha true fact I love playing cards, and I collect decks)

All in all good convention, saw some great people, made some new acquaintances and got some cool stuff!